There are a lot of motorbikes with no Centre Stand and a lot of places where you can’t use a Paddock Stand - hence the motorbike Bike Jack

Bike Jack

Designed for motorbikes with no Centre Stand or Paddock Stand


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Dismantling for Traveling

The Bike Jack is a portable and robust way of allowing you to check or clean your chain, wheel or rear tyre without the need of a Centre Stand or a Paddock Stand.

If space is restricted then using a Paddock Stand is out of the question or if you’re taking your bike on a long journey then you can not take a Paddock Stand with you.

Unlike jacks that “Snap” into place the Bike Jack is totally under your control, no hidden surprises, and with no fiddling for the “sweet” spot.

How are you meant to clean your chain or check your rear tyre without a Centre Stand or a Paddock Stand?

The answer!

The “Bike Jack” that’s how.

All Bike Jack’s are hand made using 3mm steel, they are easy to operate using bearings and can be used on most firm surfaces plus it’s portable at only approximately 10” high and weighs about 2K so you can take it on your journeys to maintain your chain etc.

With the Bike Jack you can have your rear wheel off the ground in no time at all with no fuss.

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Zinc / Nickel plated

Zinc / Nickel + Yellow Chromate plated